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About our Agri Finance Division

First Citizen Agri Finance is a trading style of First Citizen Agri Finance DAC. First Citizen Agri Finance DAC is a wholly owned subsidiary company of First Citizen Finance DAC, which was established in late 2012 by the former senior management team of permanent tsb Finance Limited. First Citizen Finance DAC is a key player in the Car Finance Market and has now secured funding with the SBCI to enter the Agri Finance Market to provide Hire Purchase and Leasing facilities to the Agricultural sector.

The management and staff of First Citizen are all highly experienced in providing customer led solutions for your finance requirements and together with our National Sales Team (see below for details) are ready to provide tailor-made finance packages which suit your budget.

At First Citizen Agri Finance our vision is to offer real value, excellent customer service and product options that are second to none. By understanding and responding to your needs we will help to make sure that you get the very best return from your finances.

Meet our Agri Finance Team

Our National Sales Team are ready to provide tailor-made finance packages to suit your budget.

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Michael Fleming

SBCI – Agricultural Investment Loan Scheme (AILS ) 2015 – Agricultural Equipment Contracts.

In conjunction with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), First Citizen Agri Finance is supporting farmers and agricultural businesses through their participation in a new nationwide lending scheme.

application form

What is SBCI?

SBCI is a Government initiated State Agency created to provide access to discounted funding to Irish SMEs and farmers through partnerships with Irish Banks and other approved On-Lenders. Further details are available on the SBCI website:

If you have big plans for your Farm or Agri SME business, the SBCI and First Citizen Agri Finance can help you fund them.

A new, strategic SME Funding Company, the SBCI’s goal is to ensure access to flexible funding for Irish Agri SMEs by facilitating the provision of:

  • Flexible products to enable Asset Financing, subject to credit approval
  • Lower cost funding to selected On-Lenders, including First Citizen Agri Finance, which is then passed on to the borrower.
  • Market access for new entrants, thus helping create real competition and choice for the borrower.

The SBCI in turn is supported by funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB), KfW the German promotional bank and the Ireland Strategic Investment fund (ISIF).

First Citizen Agri Finance and the SBCI are teaming up to provide an initial fund of €50m to facilitate the financing of Agri assets and equipment eg. tractors, trailers, combine harvesters, balers etc. First Citizen Agri Finance must demonstrate that the financial advantage arising from the SBCI funding is passed onto the Agri User, ie. you, the Customer. This benefit will be demonstrated clearly on the Finance Agreement that you sign.

State Aid

As the SBCI is a State agency providing support by way of discounted interest rates, State Aid may be applicable. Where this occurs borrowers will be advised. Borrowers must complete an SBCI application form prior to the purchase of the asset.

The provision of funding for Agricultural Equipment Contracts is being made under EU Agricultural Block Exemption Regulations (ABER) rules which permit the provision of State Aid to borrowers who satisfy certain requirements: information on the State Aid requirements for the Agricultural Equipment Contracts are available at

Please note that the finance amount is not the amount of State Aid.

The information provided by borrowers to First Citizen Agri Finance as part of the application process must be disclosed to the SBCI for the purpose of determining eligibility for the AILS Agricultural Equipment Contract. All information provided may be disclosed by the SBCI to its funders, EU and State bodies. Under the AILS Scheme, the SBCI may post information on it’s website about you, the borrower, the SBCI-funded project, and the facility. If you decide to proceed with the application for credit, you consent to the transfer and use of your information in this manner. The SBCI may also correspond directly with you from time to time.

Flexible Finance for your Agri Asset Purchases

At First Citizen Agri Finance, we understand the challenges of modern day farming. That’s why we have designed our Non Consumer Hire Purchase and Lease Agreements to match your income situation.

Therefore, our Finance Agreements can accommodate monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly payments depending on your particular circumstances and income situation.

Finance is available over any term between 2 and 7 years depending on the type and age of the asset being financed. First Citizen Agri Finance will provide up to 90% LTV (loan to value) of the asset, subject to existing credit criteria. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Our Asset Finance Agreements have a fixed interest rate to help you budget and manage your cashflow. Please note that the interest rate charged will be fixed at the prevailing rate applicable on the day the Agreement is made and the Agreement will clearly show the financial advantage provided by the SBCI.

Finance Products available to Farmers and Agri SMEs.

(a) Non Consumer Hire Purchase

If you want to buy equipment outright, our Non Consumer Hire Purchase Agreement is the flexible and cost effective alternative to overdrafts or term loans. The asset becomes your property when you have paid the final instalment and the completion fee due under the Agreement. Some features and benefits of Hire Purchase are as follows -

  • Fixed Payments over a Fixed Term
  • Payments which you can time to suit the income pattern of your farm enterprise or agri business.
  • The VAT on the purchase price can be re-claimed immediately after the transaction, provided you are VAT registered
  • Interest charges can be offset against taxable profits
  • Flexible deposit payable (minimum 10%)
  • Claim back your capital allowance costs on the cost of Asset

(b) Lease Agreements

Leasing is an efficient way of paying for the use of equipment over a set period of time. The asset is leased to you at a fixed rental for a fixed term at a fixed rate. Put simply, we own the asset and charge you for the use of it until the final rental is paid. At the end of the rental period you will have the option to purchase the equipment for a nominal fee or trade it in as a deposit against new equipment. Some other benefits of leasing are -

  • Initial Capital Outlay is minimised, thus preserving your cashflow
  • Leasing rentals may qualify for tax deductions
  • You get to use the equipment just as if you owned it
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • The VAT element of the rental payment can be reclaimed provided you are VAT registered

Both Hire Purchase and Leasing Agreements are available to finance new and second-hand Agri assets: - Only assets purchased from a First Citizen Agri Finance approved Agri Dealer or Distributor are eligible for finance. Payment terms vary from 2 to 7 years, depending on the type and age of the asset being financed. In the case of light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) and jeeps, finance is provided up to a maximum term of five years and must be sourced through an approved SIMI or Franchised Motor Dealer in the Republic of Ireland.

Fees Payable
A Documentation Fee of €75.00 and Completion Fee of €50.00 apply to the Non-Consumer Hire Purchase Agreement, payable with the first and final payments respectively. For Leasing, the Documentation Fee applies and is subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

Understanding the Needs of Farmers

The key to our success is our focus and dedication to the Agri community. At First Citizen Agri Finance we know that our business depends on farming – a unique industry facing constantly changing circumstances. Therefore, we make it our business to understand the needs of farmers and Agri SMEs and we provide flexible financial solutions where possible.

We always try to make sure that our products and service levels meet your needs and expectations. We will work directly with customers, Agri suppliers and dealers to provide a quality service to the farming community.

Our service nationwide is one of a kind – we have a team of Area Sales Executives who are highly experienced in the finance area and who are dedicated and motivated to provide the Agri community with “best in class” service levels. Our nationwide coverage leaves us well placed to understand and serve the needs of the Agri community.

First Citizen Agri Finance – Customer Service

Terms and Conditions apply to the options outlined on this website. Complete details are available on request.

If you encounter a problem with any product, service or facility we provide, please let us know. We want to put it right as quickly as we can.


  1. Call us on (01) 884 6700, or
  2. Write to us at
    Customer Services Department
    C/O First Citizen Agri Finance
    Bloom House, Gloucester Square,
    Dublin 1.

To help improve our service to you, calls may be monitored and recorded.
All information on this website was correct at the time of publishing (May 2016) but may change. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Credit Facilities are subject to repayment capacity and financial status and are not available to persons under 18 years of age.

A minimum deposit of 10% is required. A joint hirer or guarantor may be required.
Non Consumer Hire Purchase and Leasing facilities are provided by First Citizen Agri Finance DAC. The Agricultural Investment Loan Scheme 2015 (AILS Agricultural Equipment Contracts) Application Form is available above by clicking on the ‘Application Form’ link or from your local Agri Dealer.

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